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Head Coach

Coach Holly has been with us for many years and trains and mentors our skaters, offering professional and quality guidance throughout the season. Holly is a positive and driven coach who leads the program with a fun flair and focus on team spirit. 



Assistant Coach - CanSkate & Star Skate

As our program continues to grow, so does our coaching staff.  Our club is fortunate to have Kalene coach our skaters again this season.

Kalene works closely with our skaters to make sure they’re performing to the best of their ability. 

Image by Kelli McClintock


We are super proud of the program assistants who volunteer their time on the ice for hundreds of hours each year mentoring the next generation of skaters in the CanSkate program.  We have close to a dozen program assistants each year!

Image by Samantha Gades


PowerSkate Coaches

In 2018, Brent & Jordan joined forces with our club for our first year of Power Skating.  Their time, expertise and dedication lead to great success of the club's new program. 

Coaches Corner: Meet the Coaches
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