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It's our commitment to you to keep fees as low as possible.  There will be a number of fundraisers throughout the year that you can support. Every effort counts!

In order to run all of these programs we need lots of ice time and ice time is very expensive.  The reality is we need to have numerous fundraisers throughout the year to help supplement the high costs of our programs.  Everyone is required to help out with fundraising throughout the year.

Fundraising also supports our skaters as it fosters our skaters':

  • commitment and dedication to the sport and their team.

  • the ability to build and maintain relationships through teamwork.

  • creativity, imagination and an entrepreneurial attitude towards fundraising.

  • a proactive attitude, drive and enthusiasm to carry out projects to conclusion.


SkateCanada Ticket Sales

As in prior years, we will have the opportunity to sell SkateCanada tickets. Tickets books can be purchased for $100 and you can keep the proceeds when you sell them. Alternatively, skaters will contribute a $50 fundraising fee to offset club expenses such as carnival, costumes, equipment, etc. 

Skater Performances

The Christmas Showcase and the Annual Carnival are our main fundraisers and provide a fun event to perform for the community. 

Synchro Fundraising Events

The Outlook Synchronized skating team relies heavily on fundraising and they can been found in the community all year long. From selling popcorn at Senior Ice Hawks games, poinsettia sales, summer BBQs or at their ongoing year-long virtual bottle drive, these teams are dedicated to cover their competition expenses. 

Did you know that the Outlook Synchro team runs their Virtual Bottle Drive all year long? Drop off the bottles in Outlook and tell them it's for the skating club! Or let us know if you would like us to make a pickup! This has been a successful and important fundraiser for our teams!


We love partnering with community businesses throughout the year. There are many opportunities to donate and get recognition and advertising.  We rely on grants, support and in-kind donations.  Email if you are interested in partnering with us this year.

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